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Each year, Mountain Top holds several fundraising events on campus including our Annual Fall BBQ and Open House. All of our events are family-friendly.

Thank you to our Road to the Top donors!

Bass, Houston & Associates    

Men's Group - Bethany United Methodist Church   

Weldon Class - Bethany United Methodist Church  

Ashbury Class - Bethany United Methodist Church 

Clarence Harris Foundation    

CW Matthews Contracting    

Omega SS Class - Due West United Methodist Church    

Men's Club - East Cobb United Methodist Church  

Twilight Circle - East Cobb United Methodist Church    

Enviroguard, Ringold    

DP Johnston Class - Fairburn United Methodist Church    

Mission Fund - First Baptist Church, Sugar Valley    

Missions - First United Methodist Church, Calhoun    

Bo Thompson Class - First United Methodist Church, Dalton    

McGaughey Class - First United Methodist Church, Dalton    

Men's Club - First United Methodist Church, Lafayette    

The Sharing Class - First United Methodist Church, Smyrna    

H&H Mechanical    

Helen & Harry Saul Foundation    

Marietta District United Methodist Church    

McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church    

New Pointe Contracting    

North Cobb Rotary & Cobb Firefighters    

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church    

Shiloh United Methodist Church    

Welcome Gap Baptist Church    

William C. Gentry Law


Road to the Top Complete!

We have successfully paved the one-half mile gravel road!


Thank you to our Road to the Top donors!

Betty Apt    
Glenda Bell    
W.P. Berkner    
Joe Bland    
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bowden    
Frances Boyd in honor of Marc Bearden
Frances Boyd    
Mary Brantley    
Burt & Mary Bridges    
Stanley Carlson    
Bud Carnes    
Bill Chapell    
Rich Chapman    
William & Bennieta Chappell    
Joy Dance    
Lawrence Durham

Estate of Anna Farill     
Sammy & Holly Freeman    
Zach Freise    
Bill Gentry    
Jere Goldsmith    
James Gwin    
Bryan & Denna Hair    
William Hamrick    
Mr. & Mrs. Don Hogan    
Bob Hovey      
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Huie    
Mr. & Mrs. David Johnson    
Barbara King    
Kay Kinsey    
George Kreeger    
George Kruger    
Marguerite Lawson    
Tommy & Mary Jo Lowery    
Judy & George Lowther    
Daryl Manning    
Dr. & Mrs. William McDaniel    
Maryanne McDaniel    
William McMichen    
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McSweeney    
Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow McWhorter    
Mark Millican      
S.J. Morlock    
Dan & Tina Motley in honor of Bob Hovey
Montina Motley    
Darlene Nix    
Betty Peardon    
Paul & Sandy Pintarch    
Mr. & Mrs. J. & Sue Plunkett, Jr.    
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Prater    
James Reeves    
Pam & Bruce Rhyne    
Rex Ruff    
Gerald Sams    
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Schomer    
Scott Shaver    
John Shirey    
Curtis Simpson    
Weldon Smitherman    
Charles A. Smithgall III    
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Standard in honor of Rick Standard
Rick Standard    
Richard Standard    
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Standard    
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stephens in honor of Burt Bridges
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stephens    
Stout Family    
Mel Stowers    
Sara Camp Swann    
Leon Thompson    
Margaret Thornton    
Jeff Traeger    
Robert Tryon    
C. Quinette Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Walton    
Oliver Watts
Sybil Westbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Bryson Westbrook  
Jon Whitmer
Mr. & Mrs. David Young

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